To put simply, a headshot is a portrait of a person taken from the shoulders up. It’s used both online and in real life for resumes, job profiles, and even business pitches, to help potential employers or investors identify who you are. You might believe in the common misconception that only those in professions where looks matter- such as in acting or modelling- should get a professional headshot, while everyone else can simply use any decent picture of themselves. However, the reality is, that everyone needs a professional headshot. Having one helps you and your team stand out from the crowd because it showcases your personal brand, and conveys professionalism in your field. When you need a professional headshot, contact the team at The Crop. We specialize in professional headshots to ensure that you make a credible and long-lasting first impression.

Still not convinced to get a professional headshot? Here are 5 reasons you really should.

1. It gives people a great first impression.
In resumes and job profiles, the first thing people will look at is your picture, so you want that picture to give the right impression of who you are. First impressions stick, after all, and you need a headshot that projects the best parts of yourself to make a good one. A powerful photo can connect you to the people who matter most and ensures that you are taken seriously by any and all of your current or future employers and competition. This is even more important if you’re looking to market your company — display all the people in your team to showcase cohesiveness and professionalism. For this reason, candids and grainy, low-quality pictures are not the best to use in the professional setting.

2. Stand out from the crowd
The quality of a professional headshot is miles apart from your regular selfie. A professional headshot photographer will cover all technicalities and have all the equipment needed for the raw pictures to be as best as possible. The photographer will ensure that these images are of high quality, and edited to perfection. This will set you apart from your competition, especially if you are using your headshot on platforms such as LinkedIn, where others may have selfies or irrelevant photos from social events or their travels.

3. Branding
Headshots are essential not only for individuals but also for companies. A cohesive set of company photos and employee headshots shows consistency within the company and gives people an idea of your company’s brand. The pictures provided by the photographer can be adjusted to fit specific dimensions which allow for this cohesiveness and lets people see your company as a team. Having a headshot of each employee gives off professionalism and credibility, to ensure that you are taken seriously by any competitors or potential company partners. It also increases team morale as it shows the individual’s importance and value.

4. Personality
You can only fit so much into a resume or an about-me section. Good thing a picture is worth a thousand words! Aside from making a great first impression and making you be seen, a good headshot gives potential customers an idea of who you are. Your headshot photographer will be able to direct you in what clothes to wear and what poses to do that will best showcase your personality while still remaining professional. The result will be a high-quality headshot that is captivating and dynamic while painting you as a confident and approachable person.

5. Investment
The cost of a headshot photography session is an investment towards your career and is easily outweighed by the benefits. A professional headshot has the ability to make advancements in your professional life because it has the potential to drive in more business, especially in today’s online world where a profile picture is practically a must. People want to know who you are, and taking the time to get a headshot taken presents you as a professional and trustworthy person who is serious about their job. This also ensures that your skills and capabilities won’t be overlooked. If you are looking for more success in your industry, you want to be seen by and connect with the right people, and a headshot can do just that.

In the digital age of 2020, a professional headshot is one of the best investments for your career. Having one high-quality photo of yourself across all your profiles for sites such as LinkedIn, gives a great first impression and allows you to be seen by the right people. It adds credibility and a personal touch to your profile while communicating your professionalism as a person. This makes it an essential not only for your own personal branding as an individual but for the branding of any company that you may be a part of.