A corporate event, whether it is a conference, seminar, product launch, year-end function, or business dinner, is vital for every company. Recognizing employees’ efforts, celebrating success, as well as providing them with an avenue to informally interact with colleagues cultivate morale and cohesiveness. Such a good company culture guarantees an excellent ripple effect on employee performance and business success. 

A corporate function is also an investment in building professional relationships. It paves the way in networking with existing partners, clients, and consumers as well as in attracting prospective ones. The number and kinds of business collaboration opportunities that may spring out of a single corporate event may surprise you! Hence, it is crucial to keep your best foot forward.

Take advantage of the occasion by hiring a professional corporate event photographer. Doing so will not only bring you high-quality photographs for internal documentation but is also profitable in improving your company’s image as well as in boosting your exposure through marketing campaigns. Whichever venue you select, Sydney’s The Crop can excellently capture your vision of your corporate function. Equipped with unparalleled talent, updated technical expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and exceptional customer service, The Crop will provide you with impactful photographs that will engage and draw your audience to your brand.

Speaking of brand, equally significant in organizing a corporate event is the venue-which can make or break the attendees’ experience. The venue should have all the amenities and technology you need, an ample space to hold your target number of attendees, and a convenient location for all parties involved. More than serving marvellous food and beverage, it must speak your business’ identity and awe your guests. Remember, you are making an impression. Hence, the venue’s atmosphere should give off a “wow” factor. Finding an attractive setting is one thing, but giving guests exceptional comfort and experience-which can be captured by the lens- is another. 

Below is a list of the top 10 picture-perfect, corporate function venues that would allure your guests to attend your Sydney event: 

  1. Sydney Opera House

The first thing that comes to mind when someone says, “Sydney,” is the Opera House. Having your event in a place that has a perfect view of this landmark and the Harbour Bridge will make a good impression (and photographs!), especially if you have guests who are first-timers in the city.

Sydney Opera House’s al fresco Opera Bar offers a relaxed yet glamorous atmosphere. You can indulge in a range of drinks from classic cocktail, marvelous wine, to fancy champagne, which is complemented by their snacks and seafood-focused seasonal menu. Your team can also enjoy a serenade brought about by live artists on evenings and weekends. 

You can dine at the famous art centre itself, have your guests relax in the sunshine or beneath the stars while allowing them to enjoy a generous portion of the Opera Kitchen’s innovative, creative, and versatile menu. Aside from its plenty of seats, its accommodating staff provide world-class hospitality!

  1. Establishment Bar

If you are aiming for a balance between elegance and sophistication, the muse among Sydney bars is the perfect one for your event: Merivale’s Establishment Bar. You might feel like a Greek god or goddess beneath the high ceilings and among the marble bar and Corinthian columns. But do not be deceived as the chefs serve a range of cuisines, from Australian to Asian- whatever your taste may be, they have something for everyone.

Cocktails can be enjoyed from the bar, which can accommodate a thousand people. The venue also offers full audiovisual support as well as Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, you can add colours to the venue by hiring their in-house visual stylists and florists. Guests can also take a breather at the Establishment Garden.

  1. Quarryman’s Hotel

Your company can experience a Californian summer at Quarryman’s Hotel, which offers chic yet modern indoor and outdoor spaces for any event. Everyone can have a relaxing experience while sipping cocktails, indulging on their canapes, as well as having Australian and American treats amid the pastel-coloured and cacti-filled venue. 

If you need a space with more technical functions, their Lounge Bar is fitted with an epic audiovisual system. Smaller teams can enjoy the Beer Garden for a more intimate drinking party or a post-company celebration.

  1. Mjolner

With a fine blend of historic Viking hallmarks and modern Scandinavian interiors, the Feasting Room will bring you to Medieval Scandinavia. A unique dining experience is guaranteed that is complemented by a vast selection of world-class beverages and a well-crafted, mouthwatering menu. 

Your company has the option of selecting the variety of canapes available for your function.Fitted with luxurious, private booths and bar and a dining room, these seat up to 30 and 36 individuals, respectively. The entire venue, on the other hand, can accommodate times ten of that!

  1. Wilhelmina’s

If you are going for a homey experience for 40-60 guests, Wilhelmina’s is the place to be. This gem, amid one of Sydney’s historical suburbs, is weaved by an artistic, cozy interior and a bar underneath some greens. Their seasonal menu is crafted with fresh produce and meat, cultivated and grown by reputable farmers. Wilhelmina’s also fosters a culture of Australian wine appreciation.

  1. Pier One Sydney Harbour

This hotel under the Sydney Harbour Bridge offers state-of-the-art, luxurious spaces. If you want a view of the iconic overpass and vast waters, you can book their Water Room. You can also enjoy the Bridge Marquee for an event that demands an outdoor extension. If you want a pure outdoor and casual experience, where you can enjoy marvellous drinks and light snacks, The Pier is for you. The versatile, indoor Dawes Point Rooms, on the other hand, gives more space with a stunning view of the Walsh Bay. If the event focuses on the dining experience, big groups can share excellent meals at The Gantry while small ones can savour a more intimate dinner at one of their Private Dining Rooms

  1. South Steyne

Treat your company and clients to an endless feast of perfect seafood and steak aboard Sydney’s floating restaurant. All of their lounges and boardrooms are fit for banquets of 24 to 220 guests. Their larger rooms, on the other hand, can cater to cocktail parties for a company of 250 individuals. For a mid-size event, a group of 80 can dine while enjoying some classical music in The Restaurant or enjoy the cool bay breeze at The Waterfront Deck. 

  1. The Paper Mill 414

A mid-sized company can indulge themselves with The Paper Mill’s all-day menu or canapes under its high ceiling and amid its naturally inviting atmosphere. Do not forget to relish in drinking their award-winning coffee. Plus, with a wide selection of beers, wines, and spirits, their bar goes beyond expectations! This Federation Warehouse-styled venue includes a stage and podium as well as an in-house audiovisual system, perfect for speeches and presentations.

  1. Doltone House

If elegance, luxury, and sophistication are the trinity you are going for, take a pick in one of Doltone House’s 5-star and award-winning venues. Accommodating up to 1,200 guests, the Jones Bay Wharf, Darling Island Wharf, Hyde Park and Sylvania Waters are all suited for corporate function. All are fitted with carpet and a magnificent lighting and audiovisual system. Aside from their in-house styling service, their venues are complemented by their award-winning cuisine and catering services.

  1.  Beachside Dojo

With a contrasting view of the stunning Manly Beach and surrounding pines, Beachside Dojo offers event spaces perfect for the summer. Whether you want a bespoke event or one carefully curated by them, every experience will bring delight. Seating atop the building, the white homey interior and wooden outdoors of Sunrise Dojo can accommodate up to 150 guests. A group of 80 can enjoy a more intimate event at the Northern Dojo and take turns in having the perfect catch up on the outdoor balcony. Furthermore, smaller groups can indulge themselves in a meal while basking in the sun through the glass walls of their Private Dining Room. Beachside Dojo also offers team building activities such as wine tasting events as well as sushi and cocktail masterclasses, for hard workers who are feeling crafty.

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