LinkedIn is a social network for those who are interested in growing their career. Whether you’re a company CEO, small business owner, or even just a first-year university student, having an account on LinkedIn will allow you to connect with others in your field, share knowledge, learn, and ultimately grow your career. It’s like Facebook, but for your job instead of your social life. If you’re job hunting, employers post all sorts of job listings every day, and LinkedIn makes it easy for you by recommending specific jobs to you based on your current information.

Build your network by adding others as connections and conversing over private messages. Appear more trustworthy by keeping an updated profile of yourself, and customizing your page by adding information found in a traditional resume such as your biography, work experience, and education. When you need a professional headshot, you can trust that you are in the right hands with The Crop. With many years of extensive experience, our experts will guide you the whole way through and ensure that you put your best foot forward. 

The importance of having your LinkedIn photo taken by a professional

Don’t forget that LinkedIn is still a social networking site, so you need a profile photo to stand out. In fact, your profile photo on LinkedIn is probably the most important photo of yourself, since your image is the first thing that your connections will see. For this purpose, it is important to use a professional headshot. It’s essential to have your LinkedIn photo taken by a professional since it allows you to create more connections by increasing your level of professionalism. You want your profile picture to be the best representation of yourself, and a professional photographer can help you achieve that by giving you well-edited and perfectly framed images. You can rest assured that the lighting highlights your features and that the background isn’t distracting letting your face be the focus of the photo. Additionally, the photographer knows where your best angles are and can give advice on the perfect positions for you, and how to crop your photos in the best way possible.

The impact of your physical appearance

There’s only so much you can fit into the about me section on LinkedIn, which is why a profile picture is critical to your success. A good photo will make you stand out from the crowd and make a great first impression by telling potential connections who you are and how seriously you take your job. Additionally, your online and offline presence will be more noticeable to those around you. What you wear and how you wear those pieces in your photo says so much about you, so be sure that your choice of attire, poses, and even backgrounds reflect who you are and build on your personal brand. Your photographer can guide you on showcasing your personality while still remaining professional. Generally speaking, dress for success and remember that your profile photo should represent the current you. Choose clothing appropriate for your age and your field and do a simple hairstyle so that the focus stays on your face. If you wear makeup, your natural and everyday look is the best bet. Men with facial hair should keep it neat and well-groomed. When looking at your photo, people will focus on your facial expression and specifically your eyes. Compliment these features by styling your hair, clothing, and accessories to reflect what you look like on a daily basis.

What to avoid

The only thing worse than having a bad photo is not having one at all. Of course, you should still avoid using a selfie or out of context photos that you took while on vacation with your family and friends. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, you need to market yourself seriously. Treat your picture the same way you treat your resume or CV, and keep it updated and relevant. Don’t use an old photo because that won’t reflect the current you. A good rule of the thumb is to have new photos taken every 2 or 3 years, or whenever you’ve reached a milestone event in your life, like graduation or marriage. Events like these will usually have a major impact on your life, so you want to make sure that the picture you’re using is still representative of yourself. Another way to know if your photo needs an update is whether or not you still identify with the image or if you find it boring. Feel free to contact our team of photographers if you feel like you’ve outgrown your headshot, or just need a new one.

LinkedIn is the perfect place to grow your career and start making connections in your field. Create a great LinkedIn profile by presenting yourself as a trustworthy person. Keep your information current, and maintain the professional nature of the site by using a profile photo that reflects your professional self.